Monsoon Cyclone Concentrator

The Blue Bowl has hogged all the attention when it comes to fine gold recovery. Well I have developed a similar product which used the same principle that nature uses to deposit the gold. The Cyclone Concentrator works well for the novice to the expert prospector. Take a look at the video, it tells the story of recovered gold.

Or visit the Cyclone Concentrator Site


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  1. Maxinpains on

    I came up First with The Similer idea as like yours – the Cyclone & Blue bowl concentrator . However, The Big differences is That instead of your Cyclone Concentrator or F4 Cyclone Concentrator,I’ve got an twisted Idea of Spiral Riffles grooves on the bottom part to Agressively capture those fine golds & water swirl against the riffles then into the center hole with spinning water around inside of the tub just as previous ideas. Also, I’m thinking of covering it with carpet type materials also.
    This message & Idea is Dated on 03-24-2011 Thank you.

    • Berlon Burch on

      I tried the spiral ridges and found that to not work as well for clean up

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