Testing the Monsoon Gold Bucket classifier!

Arizona prospecting is challenging to say the least. When temps reach 100 degrees, you want to be quick and through. So I developed a new method from a old way that will produce more gold right down to the fines with less work! I developed a patented method of “boiling” the material in the Monsoon Gold Bucket classifier that washes the material and releases all the gold from cracks, mud clots and clay! Here is my first field test.

Last summer, using my homemade highbanker I come up with an idea to move more material with less effort and produce more gold! The old fashioned way of rocking the bucket back and forth with a 1/4 inch screen was tough and also rough on the bucket and classifier. You know the routine, shovel the dirt in, rock it back and forth, dump the tailings and repeat. Using this method is effective, but it is alot of work for little gains.

So, I set up two recirculating sluice boxes at one of my local gold claims, grabed the old tried and trued rocking bucket classifer and my new Monsoon Gold Bucket classifer. Working side by side from the same gold producing hole, I went to work. The first thing that was readily apperant was that the Monsoon Gold Bucket classifier was getting more material in the catch bucket. Old faithful had much less, I’d say that the old faithful had 3 times less material than the Monsoon Gold Bucket classifier did. Once the Monsoon Gold Bucket classifier was full, which is about 3 gallons of material (this is the most comfortable level for weight) I focused on filling old faithful. Now the tailings caught my eye. Old faithfull’s tailings where much higher as opposed to the tailings from the Monsoon Gold Bucket classifier. Mental note to myself, run the tailings from old faithfull through the Monsoon Gold Bucket classifer and see what was missed if anything.

Now the moment of truth! working side by side my wife and I ran the material through both sluice boxes. Old faithful’s material would hang in the sluice alot longer and required that we adjust the angle to the sluice steeper. While the Monsoon Gold Bucket classifer cleared much sooner and in fact we adjusted that sluice to a shallower angle. After about half the material from both where run through the sluice boxes it was time to clean the tailings buckets. Old faithful was first, the tailings bucket was quite full of organic material and sands. While the Monsoon Gold Bucket classifer was full of small gravels and less organic material and sands. Hmmm, that is very interesting. Since having more organics in the water for the pumps to push back up to the boiler box is always a problem the Monsoon Gold Bucket classified material had alot less. Well all of a sudden the wife is yelling “Eureaka!!, come look at this picker!” I raced over and right in the first riffle was a good sized picker about the size of a bb. Looking a little closer in the box we noticed more gold in the black matting and down to the 3rd riffle. We looked at the other sluice and found nothing in the carpet or the black matting. Already a good sign for the Monsoon Gold Bucket classifer!

After running the rest of the material through the sluices it was time to do the clean up. First we started with old faithful. No gold in the black matting, carpet. So we rinsed the sluice out. Next was the Monsoon Gold Bucket classifed sluice. It was easy to see that this method was far more productive. There is gold in the black matting, in the first 3 riffles and a noticable amount of black sands. Well that is very interesting! After rinsing the sluice it was time for the finishing.

First thing that was noticed was that the two concentrates where quite different in every way. Old fatithfull had less material in the concentrate bucket, while the Monsoon Gold Bucket had twice as much! I could not wait anylonger, there was good signs all around that the Monsoon Gold Bucket classifed concentrates could have potentially more gold! Panning the concentrates was feverish, old faithfull had some gold specks in it not much at all really, but the Monsoon Gold Bucket concentrates had quite a bit more! Id say at least 4 times more gold. One thing worth pointing out here is that the old faithful method had less black sands, material and gold. The Monsoon Gold Bucket had more black sands, material and gold. In fact the gold recovery was from specks to pickers! We where quite impressed! was this a fluke? Well we will see.

I grabbed the tailings from old faithful and classified that with the Monsoon Gold Bucket classifer and it produced material! Wow, how is that? so that material was run through the sluice and sure enough! there was gold in the sluice! Gold that was left behind from the traditional ways of classifing the material!

It was quiet clear to me that this method is capturing more gold right down to the fines. With less work! The differences where clear in the sluice boxes as well.

If you want more gold in less time with less work just drop me a line! The Monsoon Gold Bucket classifier is easy to use, soft on the wallet and will recover more gold than the traditional method. It is easily affordable at $5.00.


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